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Real Estate
For most people, the purchase of a new home is the biggest purchase of their lives. You may be so excited that you may not consider the legal implications of your purchase. You want to make sure that you have good title, that there are no Planning Act violations, that there are no unpaid taxes and that there are no restrictions on the use of your property (among many other things). You need to know about title insurance, about the Tarion program for newly built homes, about the GST New Housing Rebate, about the Condominium Act for condominium purchases, about your loan transaction (mortgage), and about many other related things. You also need to know what are your remedies if something goes wrong.

Wills & Estates
No matter how small your estate may be, everyone should have a Will. You may be surprised how many beneficiaries fight over the estate of a deceased. A Will can ensure that the right people get what you give to them when you die. Everyone should also have a Power of Attorney for personal care and a Power of Attorney for property. If you become incapable of managing your own property and/or incapable of making decisions as to your own personal care, the State can appoint a Guardian to take care of you. This may not be what you want. Therefore, if you want a trusted friend or family member to take care of you in this time of need you should seriously consider a Power of Attorney.

Corporate & Commercial
Whether you are the sole owner of a business, or involved in a partnership or a corporation you will require legal advice on corporate issues. Partnerships should seriously consider partnership agreements, as prevention is always better than litigation. The creation of a corporation should be done very carefully keeping in mind the rights and obligations of directors, officers and shareholders.

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