Residential Real Estate Sale

Our fee for a standard sale of a residential home in Ottawa is $749 plus HST (plus $71.30 for registration of discharge of mortgage and $64.00 for a tax certificate).  This includes disbursements for lawyers fees, searches, and our fee for any mortgage arrangements and discharges. We will charge extra for properties that are out of town, extra mortgages, or any drafting or provision of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale


What you do

  • Call all utilities, cable and telephone to cancel and obtain final meter readings. You must provide them with your forwarding address for the final billing;
  • Contact the tax department and find out what the current payment has been for the year and what the final annual tax bill will be.
  • Cancel house insurance. Make sure it is cancelled effective the day following the closing date;
  • Cancel any contract services, for example, alarm systems, newspapers, snow removal and/or other contract services;
  • Inform us of any mortgages that you have on the property;
  • Inform yourself of your mortgage payout figures. Inquire with your bank as to what penalties, administration fees, discharge fees, etc., will be charged. Please be aware that on mortgage payouts, daily interest applies to the next business day as per your bank's instructions;
  • Powers of Attorney - in the event that you will be unavailable to sign your final documents and you wish to designate another party to sign on your behalf;
  • Inform us of any potential problems such as court judgments on title, matrimonial separation, tax arrears, shortage of funds to pay mortgage(s), house problems, etc. 

What we do

  • Review Agreement of Purchase and Sale;
  • Review all documents which you are required to sign by the Purchasers' lawyer;
  • Preparation of usual documents for the closing of the transaction;
  • Obtain figures of any outstanding amounts on any mortgage(s) and arranging for payment of these from sale proceeds;
  • Obtain a tax certificate;
  • Payment of real estate commission fees, if any from sale proceeds;
  • Payment of our legal fees and disbursements from sale proceeds;
  • Meet with you for final signatures;
  • Balance of sale proceeds will be given to you directly;
  • A final report letter will be delivered to you.


We generally contact you 3 to 4 days before the closing date to arrange for an appointment to review your file and sign your final documents. This will be the only time we contact you unless there are any major problems or we require additional information. This final appointment will be held 1 or 2 days before your closing day as the information from all parties involved is usually only complete at this time.

You will meet with a lawyer to sign all pertaining documents. This meeting for signatures will take approximately ½ an hour and all Vendors need to be present.

At this time, we will require one set of keys to your property.  Please ensure that all other keys, garage door openers, warranties, manuals, and any other useful information is left in a convenient, visible location.

On the day of closing, we will have possession of the sale proceeds by 5:30 pm. The actual time varies depending on the following factors:

  • the time the lawyer for the Purchaser is prepared to close
  • line ups with high volume of closings at the registry office (mid-month and month-end are worse)
  • shortage of government staff at the registry office
  • traffic for couriers delivering files, sale proceeds, etc. to and from the registry office


If you wish to pick up your sale proceeds personally, you may do so at our office location as of noon on the day following closing.

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